• Community Events

    Old School, New Rules D&D
    7-2-18 6:00 pm - Rhino Coffee
    Ark-La-Tex Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Meetup

    Looking for 6 players (new or experienced) who are dedicated to meet every other week. We will be running B2 Keep on the Borderlands converted to 5th edition rules to kick off the group with other old school D&D mods to follow. There is a face...

    Primark Campaign
    7-2-18 6:00 pm - Rhino Coffee
    La(D&D)y in Shreveport

    Recurring meetup for Katherine’s campaign! 5e game that runs bi-weekly. Hosted at Katherine’s apt (DM for details). Open to new and experienced players. Set 20 years after the Great War ended, the country of Primark is bracing for its future...

    Call of Cthulhu - New Players Welcome
    7-2-18 6:00 pm - Rhino Coffee
    La(D&D)y in Shreveport

    A one shot adventure for anyone who wants to try out Call of Cthulhu (or anyone who may just be a fan of the game). Characters will be provided and this will be beginner friendly. Summary~ TBA ~ Call of Cthulhu is a role play heavy/combat light...

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